I'm Rachel Anne Hobbs and my mission is to help individuals restore their relationship with food, reconnect to their bodies and reclaim their voice, their truth and their freedom to live a life they love. 

I am a clinically trained dietitian, certified therapist and have been voted one of the top 10 exercise trainers in the world. 

I help individuals just like you, to overcome fear, develop food freedom and rediscover themselves and their passions so they are finally free to experience joy, pleasure and purpose. For the past decade my passion has been to  pluralistically support individuals to recover from disordered eating, chronic dieting, compulsive exercise and heal body image and weight concerns.

I have guided clients to recover from years of chaotic eating, restore their menstrual cycle, optimise digestive health and truly learn to respect and reconnect to their body and the wisdom it holds. I know experiencing freedom, joy and pleasure is not only possible, but it is our birthright because I too have been where you are. 

My own transformational journey from adolescent  trauma and disordered eating to healing and wellness was guided by a therapist who showed me unconditional empathy and kindness which alongside my own personal, professional and spiritual development allowed me to not only heal, but also find beauty and joy in daily life. 

You deserve to take up space, your body is yours to occupy. I have over 10,000 hours of clinical experience  and work integratively with mind, body, heart and spirit; because our relationship with food and our body are so much deeper than many people recognise. Modern life often gives us pains, trauma and stress, which can lead us to become deeply disconnected to our bodies, ourselves and the world. Part of my work is to support you to slow down and tune into the wisdom your body holds, to allow you to feel safe in your body, to allow you to see it as an ally, not an enemy. 

It is time to stop letting shame and fear control you. My work  is compassion led, soul centred and grounded in evidence based practice. I am a trauma informed practitioner, which means my work embodies safety, choice, collaboration trustworthiness and empowerment. I support you to acknowledge and respect your story so far and give you the tools, space and care so you feel empowered to write your next chapter.




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"I haven't just recovered from years of disordered eating, I have recovered myself, the parts of me that got lost when I put my time and energy into thinking about food. I used to think if I lost the food rules and got to know myself it would mean letting myself go; but now I have done it, it feels like I have set myself free." Leanne, Food Freedom Therapy 

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  • Do you find yourself using food, exercise or restriction to cope with uncomfortable emotions? 

  • Do you feel a sense of disconnection from your body and struggle to make time to care for yourself? 

  • Do you put things off until you have a certain sized body? 

  • Do you find yourself stuck in a viscous cycle of dieting and engaging in compulsive eating behaviours? 

  • Do you frequently compare yourself to others and feel a sense of lack in your life? 

  • Do you struggle to let yourself rest and experience joy, peace and pleasure?

  • Do you base your self worth on the way you look and the way you eat?

  • Do you spend a lot of time and energy thinking about food, calories and your appearance? 

  • Do you live your daily life with a general sense of unease, shame and inadequacy? 

  • Do you feel like you have to put on a mask so people will like you and often find your personal boundaries overstepped? 

  • Do you crave freedom and happiness and a deeper sense of purpose? 

  • You are see yourself as worthy and deserving of joy and you understand what you need and are able to meet those needs with non-judgement, kindness and compassion. ​

  • You feel safe occupying the body you are living in and are accepting and grateful for it; you have no desire to intentionally harm or neglect it. 

  • You recognise your feelings, allow them be there without identifying as them and comfortably investigate them with kindness, being curious about the messages they hold. 

  • You know you are worthy just as you are and feel comfortable and confident to implement personal boundaries. 

  • You feel a deep sense of connection to your body, your inner wisdom, other people and to the universe. 

  • You have a toolbox of practices and strategies that you confidently use to support you to manage uncomfortable emotions and respond to distress in a healthy way. 

  • You dedicate time to doing things that you enjoy and know you deserve to experience joy and pleasure; you rest when you are tired. 

  • You can separate your true self from your inner critic and are able to recognise the false messages you have been taught. You are able to restructure the damaging beliefs and thoughts so you can move forwards into your true power. 

  • You dedicate some attention to food and your body in proportion to other areas of your life, leaving more space for fun, connection and self development. You move your body in a way that feels intuitive for you. 

  • You live your life with a general sense of peace, contentment and trust and fully inhabit your body.