Hello,  I am Rachel Anne Hobbs, I am a clinically trained dietitian, certified therapist and have been voted one of the top 10 exercise trainers in the world. I am an Iron(wo)man, powerlifting champion of Europe, specialist Dietitian to the British Army, traveller, geek, foodie and a very proud mummy to a beautiful human (and beagle)!

My work with individuals is compassion led, soul centred and grounded in evidence based practice; I truly believe that choices and changes made from a place of self kindness, mindfulness and common humanity will be the most rewarding and beneficial.


Every individual I work with has their own story, I acknowledge and respect this and meet them where they are at. I work holistically with mind, body, heart and soul; because our relationship with food and our bodies are so much deeper than we often recognise.


Modern life often gifts us trauma and stress, which can lead us to become disconnected to our bodies, part of my work is to support individuals to slow down and tune into the wisdom their body holds, to allow them to feel safe in their body, to allow them to see it as a ally, not an enemy.  

I use tools including dietetic counselling, CBT and CBT-E, meal coaching, food exposure therapy, guided meditations and nutritional education bringing in my experience in mindfulness and tantra.

I work in private practise with individuals and small groups, and with larger business and corporations including the NHS, British Army, Talented Athlete Support Scheme, Surrey Storm, Surrey Scholars, Guildford City, Colgate, Musclefood, and R/GA .

My own transformational journey from childhood trauma and disordered eating to healing and wellness was guided by a therapist who showed me unconditional empathy and kindness which alongside my own personal, professional and spiritual development allowed me to not only heal, but also find beauty and joy in daily life. I know first hand, that restoring our relationship with our food and our body is possible; experiencing pleasure and freedom is our birthright. 


I am currently completely my three year Psychotherapeutic Counselling training with the renowned Chryssalis centre to up skill myself to enable to support my clients on a deeper level. 

Please pour yourself a cup of tea and make yourself at home looking around my website.


Don’t forget to “say hello”  if you have any questions.

My role is not to heal you, but instead, to guide you, to honour you, to deeply listen to you and to witness you as you heal yourself.


With love,






  • BSc Dietetics and Nutrition (University of Surrey)

  • Post graduate diploma Performance Nutrition (IOC)

  • Post graduate diploma Addiction Studies and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CoE)

  • Diploma Journalism (LSJ)

  • Level 4 Personal Exercise Trainer and Exercise to Music Instructor (Lifetime)

Governing bodies and ethics 

  • Health Professionals Council

  • British Dietetic Association

  • National Counselling Society

  • Complimentary Medicine Alliance

  • International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.

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