Freedom from disordered eating 

Are you ready to end your fight with food and make peace with your body? 

I created A Journey to Fullness just for you. 

A Journey to Fullness is a  16 week virtual recovery and reconnection programme for individuals that are ready to overcome fear, develop food freedom and rediscover themselves and their passions so they are finally free to experience joy, pleasure and purpose. 



I wanted to create a recovery programme that is accessible for anyone experiencing any stress, shame and guilt around eating, food and their bodies that bridges the gap between self help and one to one therapy. I know how difficult it can be access funded support, and private one to one treatment is not always an option; so  my aim for A Journey to Fullness is to provide a holistic, evidence based programme combing science and spirituality, to help you to break free from disordered eating, reconnect to your body and feel the freedom to truly enjoy life; alongside others that are on a similar journey to you. 

Recovery involves creating stability and safety in four areas, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I combine psycho-nutritional education, self enquiry, embodiment and awareness with practical tools, practices and strategies for you to take your power back. 

Coming autumn 2021

This is not another "diet"; the relationship you have with food goes so much deeper than most people recognise, when there is a disconnect from yourself and the life you desire, you can feel empty, hollow. So to  fill the empty space, many people turn to food to provide the emotional and spiritual nourishment that it simply cannot provide. Then, when eating becomes a problem they will focus on the next diet, training plan or other weight loss scheme for gaining the body they have dreamed of and a sense of meaning and accomplishment. Only that it won't work, feelings of failure and guilt resume and the cycle starts again.

Sound familiar?


It is not your fault. It is not about will power. 

Diets do not recognise the fundamental reasons for engaging in disordered eating.

Anything based on deprivation, shame, fear and guilt is setting you up for failure.

 This journey will guide you to come home to yourself, to cultivate self trust and abundance and to begin fill any emptiness with the nourishment  it truly needs; body, heart, mind and spirit.