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I0 years ago today, it was the last day of my childhood, I was about to turn 18.

Although, there was no partying planned for my 18th birthday.

There was no alcohol.

No showing my ID proudly in a club to order my first (legal) drink at the bar.

No rolling th...

We give cortisol hormone such a bad rep and blame it for all our problems; weight gain, fatigue and cravings, but actually it is essential for our survival.

We call cortisol our “stress hormone” because it helps the body respond to stressful situations, for example if w...

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I have learned that there are two major motivating forces in our lives;

  1. Fear

  2. Love

Fear is an integral part of our lives, it is a survival tool and allows us to run when we feel in danger; but when fear takes over our lives it makes us pull bac...

“I’ll be happy when …. I get to size 8”

“I’ll be happy when … I pass that exam”

“I’ll be a happy when … he tells me he loves me / I get my dream job / I travel the world / I buy that car” …

Sound familiar?

So many of us spend our entire lives waiting for happiness, believi...

This week marks 100 years of suffrage in the UK, in 1918 women got the right to vote and there began the relentless journey that we are still travelling along towards gender equality.

Over the last half century there have been monumental strides made in the developed wo...

The majority of my clients have a little bit of a sweet tooth, as do I, especially after dinner; and whilst in an ideal world our bodies would love it if we could just eat foods “straight from the earth”, the reality is we live in an obesogenic environment.

This Western...

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April 3, 2019

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