Rachel, Food Freedom Therapy

"I’d been on a diet since I was a 11st 14 year old. Up to 18st + and down to 11st, my weight would fluctuate. Nutrition was a problem that I just couldn’t work out how to solve on a permanent basis. Rachel has given me the understanding and tools I needed to give up dieting forever. Food Freedom Therapy shakes up beliefs and superstitions about good and bad diets and replaces them with a simple, healthy approach to living. The safe space Rachel provides and the weekly work is key.  I can happily report that I have lost the weight that haunted me all my life. I have established a healthy relationship with food. I have maintained it for over 6 months.

I work with a variety of corporations to enhance their employee health and wellbeing through my workplace nutrition support. I also provide team sports performance nutrition services and speak at conferences and education events for practitioners. Please see below just some of my corporate clients. 

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