I work with a variety of corporations to enhance their employee health and wellbeing through my workplace nutrition support. I also provide team sports performance nutrition services and speak at conferences and education events for practitioners. Please see below just some of my corporate clients. 

I also work with clients on a one to one or small group basis; please see some testimonials below;

"I’d been on a diet since I was a 11st 14 year old. Up to 18st + and down to 11st, my weight would fluctuate. Nutrition was a problem that I just couldn’t work out how to solve on a permanent basis. Rachel Hobbs, and FitClub, have given me the understanding and tools I needed to give up dieting forever. FitClub is a revolution. FitClub shakes up beliefs and superstitions about good and bad diets and replaces them with a simple, healthy approach to living. The weekly group work is key. The safe space to learn from other’s experiences, share tips and the weekly theme keeps healthy living in the forefront of our minds. I can happily report that I have lost the weight that haunted me all my life. I have established a healthy relationship with food. I have maintained it for over 6 months thanks to FitClub

Rachel, Personalised Nutrition Coaching client and Fit Club member 

"Rachel is extremely knowledgable, empathetic and encouraging. In my 1:1 sessions I achieved more than I ever could training on my own thanks to Rachel. I felt I could confide in Rachel without any judgment and at times when I felt demotivated my sessions always put me back on track. Definitely a first class trainer and a wonderful human being!"

Emily, Personal Training and Personalised Nutrition client 

"Having known and worked with Rachel for years its clear she is a true professional. Passionate about her work and always willing to help others. She is excellent to work with."

Tom, Podcast host 

"Rachel has been brilliant in helping me to begin to manage my physical and mental health. She is giving me the tools to learn to manage my eating disorder and is always there for advice and support.
I can not recommend her highly enough and don’t know where I would be right now without the addition of her support. Thank you!"

Adam, Personalised Nutrition Coaching Client 

"'I've worked with Rachel Nearly 4 years now alongside the Army Boxing Team as our nutritionist and dietitian and I've learned so much about Nutrition, Dieting, meal prepping and Myself. With Rachel's help I've made life a lot easier as a full time boxer and making weight has become second nature now. I strongly recommend Rachel's brilliant advice and help "

Ben, Elite Athlete Client

"Rachel has great understanding & empathy when dealing with clients. I have had PT sessions & been part of Fit Club. The sessions are fun, informative & follow guidelines of no food is forbidden. Nutrient-dense food recommended. No good food/ bad food!"

Jane, Personal Training an The Fit Club Client 

"Rachel has been invaluable in my efforts to eat healthily and get fitter. her nutritional advice and insight into eating behaviours has been illuminating. for the first time I have stuck to a sensible diet. what I have learned is utterly sustainable and I feel really well and much fitter. she is great. thoroughly recommend Rachel."

Clare, The Fit Club Member

"I am so grateful to Rachel and the other members of The Fit Club. I have joined various weight loss classes in the past and have lost weight and have always gained the weight back plus more. 

Fit Club is different, in an environment that makes me feel safe I am able to discuss all issues not just food related. In the group, I have started to understand my relationship with food without feeling judged, Rachel and the other group members are always supportive. I am learning what nutrients my body needs and how to listen to what my body is telling me about food

Diane, The Fit Club Member

"I have been attending Fit Club since Rachel started her classes on a Tuesday. I knew to expect great things as I have worked with Rachel before. I decided that, being a busy, self-employed single mum of two who enjoys working out but doesn't get much free time, I would allow myself one night a week to focus on myself, my eating habits and exercise. Rachel instantly made us all feel welcome and over the weeks we have made some lovely new friendships. Through our shared experiences we have formed a caring and supportive group where we feel comfortable speaking honestly about our relationships with food. Rachel's extensive knowledge and experience is astounding and she has a wonderful way of making what is a very complex subject, easier to understand.. She understands that sometimes, life is hectic and that we cannot always implicate these new ways into our day. Life happens and it is a huge journey trying to change the bad habits that have formed over the years. I look forward to continuing working with Rachel and I know she has helped many people over the years and will continue to do so. I'm so grateful for Rachel and the Fit Club"

Susie, Personlised Nutrition Coaching and The Fit Club Member

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