Freedom from disordered eating 

Welcome to Week One of your journey. There are two modules below, I would do these on separate occasions to allow yourself time to absorb, reflect and implement some of the guidance. Don't forget to post any questions, comments or experiences in our facebook group. 

Module one 

In this module I introduce you to what your journey will look like over the next 16 weeks as well as take you through how to self monitor via our app Recovery Record which I would like you to download. My clinician code is .... We also explore the aims of this journey, the importance of community and invite you to do some exploration as well as take you on your first short guided meditation. 

Module two 

In this module we focus on nourishing the body, discussing the very flexible eating guidelines, sleep and physical activity too. 

Click on the links below to access this week's resources and worksheets

  • Reading: Guidelines of three information 

  • Week one self inquiry worksheets