I offer bespoke corporate nutrition and wellbeing packages for small and large business; these include presentations, seminars, workshops, 1/2 day and full day drop-in clinics. Please get in touch for an enquiry pack or to discuss needs but please see below for a general guidance. 


Drop in clinic

I can offer a one to one clinic for your employees to address personal dietary and health concerns and prescribe a nutrition and lifestyle plan to support them reach their goals. This is generally done monthly. 

Half day from £350

Fully day from £550


Wellbeing health checks

I can provide testing to assess your employees health and wellbeing; this includes - weight, body composition, waist:hip ratio, blood glucose, blood pressure, resting heart rate and nutrient analysis which can be assessed against staff absense to note any correlations and make overall employee health recommendations. 

Half day from £350

Full day from £550


Workshops and seminars 

I cater workshops to suit specific requirements and learning needs, but I like to keep learning interactive to ensure everyone benefits. Each workshop is on average 90 minutes followed by a 15 - 30 minute Q&A and includes written information and E-books. 


Common workshops include subjects such as;


  • Healthy eating basics 

  • Improving mood and managing stress through nutrition and lifestyle changes

  • Micro meals, cooking with wholesome food with a only a microwave (practical)

  • Evidence based weight loss guidance 

  • Introduction to intuitive eating 


Companies I present to include


  • British Army

  • Colgate

  • Lift The Bar

  • Surrey Storm Netball

  • University of Surrey

  • Better Body Co

  • Celtic Dragons 

  • Activ Surrey

  • Mac-Nutrition University

  • Wife Conferences

  • Talented Athlete Support Services



Please get in touch to discuss your needs further or for a corporate enquiry pack.