I had always dreamed of becoming a forensic pathologist, from as young as I can remember I have always had an interest in the magnificence of the human body, how it moves, how it lives, how it dies and how it so magically houses our spirits for our time on this planet. 


After my A levels, I accepted my offers to study forensics at university; things however do not always go as planned and another path often reveals itself in the most curious of ways. My journey changed direction when, at 18, I became a mum to a divine little boy. The purest of lights in the darkest of times. I realise now, that he was the most magical gift to force me step up to my calling and awaken to my purpose. 

So, that's what I did. Over the next decade I committed deeply to both my personal growth alongside my professional career; confronting the disordered eating I had experienced as a result of adolescent trauma, and healing from both with the guidance of a therapist who gave me the space and guidance to empower me to re-write my story. 


When my son was one I accepted a scholarship to study a four year degree in dietetics and nutrition. I went on to study a post graduate diploma in performance nutrition with the international olympic committee and gain certificates in cognitive behavioural therapy, somatic therapy and hypnotherapy as part of my continuing professional development, before commencing my training in psychotherapeutic counselling. 

During this time I was intrigued to see what my own body and mind were capable of so I competed in body building competitions, took a gold medal home for team GB at the European powerlifting championships also breaking the British records, and raced in a 140 mile Ironman in Australia. I became in awe of this body that I used to hate. 

After a few years of juggling work, studying, sport and raising a child who's soul was as wild and free as my own, my career and academic life were excelling,


I had won a Lifetime achievement award for my charity work in Africa and led the  nutrition for elite athletes at the British Army alongside my specialist work for the NHS and in my private practise. I truly felt a sense of purpose and passion in my work; but I was exhausted and realised my life was a little out of balance. 


My father's cancer diagnosis and transition were a turning point for me to re-awaken and come home to myself. I started to study and engage in mindfulness, meditation, tantra, art and embodied movement and joined a 12 step group to support my spiritual journey. I stopped pushing and starting being, I travelled the globe, went to art galleries, retreats and workshops; my inner world became a peaceful place to be and this slowly transferred to my outer world  


These days, I love nothing more than long dog walks with Beatrice and Winnifred the beagles, cosy Sunday's filled with pancake stacks, fresh coffee and laughter, and I live my forensic scientist life vicariously through crime dramas. My work is a true passion and witnessing the individual's I work with free themselves from the shackles that have held them captive inspires me daily. 


This lived experience alongside my yearning for knowledge of the human body, mind and soul;  has led me on a magical path that enables me to connect with and support others to empower themselves to heal and write the next chapters of their own stories. 


My professional journey started by becoming a personal trainer; I loved how physical activity could connect you to your body and give a sense of strength and power. This was when I realised my calling was never actually about working with bodies in forensic laboratories, but working with bodies that spirits inhabited. Bodies that were very very much alive. I was eager to learn more so I could support individuals in a more holistic way. 


Governing bodies and ethics 

  • HCPC Registered Dietitian DT27361

  • British Dietetic Association Member 20346

  • BACP Student Member 00985652

  • Complimentary Medicine Alliance (CMA)

  • International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. (IAHT)


I know what it is like to abandon yourself and to live in fear of food, of eating, of what would happen if you start to nourish, love and care for yourself.  I know what it is like to deprive yourself not only of food, but also of life and love. I know what it is like to spend time wondering if you took the mask off and stepped into your power whether you would be liked. I know what it is like to live just outside your body and never feeling like you have true ownership of it. 

I also know what it is like to overcome these things, to heal the war with food, to become an inhabitant of your body and reclaim your voice, your truth and your freedom. 


You are author of your story.





  • BSc Dietetics and Nutrition (University of Surrey)

  • Post graduate diploma Performance Nutrition (IOC)

  • Level 4 Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CoE/CMA)

  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy (Chysallis) 

  • Diploma Addiction Studies and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CoE/CMA)

  • Certificate in Disordered Eating: Somatic, Self-Compassion, and Mindfulness Interventions for Lasting Recovery [PESI] 

  • Level 4 Personal Exercise Trainer and Exercise to Music Instructor (Lifetime)

Ongoing CPD 

  • Level 5 AIM Psychotherapeutic counselling Diploma

  • Diploma Inner Child Healing

  • Diploma Tantra 

  • Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing [PESI]

  • Certificate in CBT-E