Food freedom therapy is for anyone who would like to improve their relationship with food and feel safer, more accepting and more connected to their body so they can start to truly enjoy living it.  


I understand how hard it is to find an experienced professional with a lived experience, that takes a holistic approach to recovering from disordered eating and chronic yo-yo dieting, which is why I created Food Freedom Therapy.


I work holistically with mind, body, heart and soul; because our relationship with food and our bodies are so much deeper than we often recognise. Our hunger may not be physical, but emotional, mental or spirtual; so we need to do more than look at what we are eating but also learn to reconnect with our bodies and our souls so we can heal. 



Everyone has their own story, so in food freedom therapy I personalise the treatment to your individual needs; by incorporating a specialist style of evidence based cognitive behavioural therapy developed in the Neuropsychiatric Research Institute, Fargo; with with food exposure therapy, psyhco-nutrition education, nutritional counselling, compassionate weight management, guided meditations and self monitoring to improve self esteem, recover from disordered eating behaviours, see you body as your ally and come home to yourself. 


Weight loss is not the primary goal of the treatment and should not be pursued initially, however this is something that can be discussed along the journey if appropriate



Food freedom therapy involves commitment to 50 minute weekly sessions, via zoom/audio call or in person for on average 16 weeks. There may also be an action plan to focus on in between sessions; this won't be too time consuming, however dedicating effort and energy to this is vital to the effectiveness of the treatment.


Alongside weekly sessions you will receive;


  • Weekly action plans
  • Membership to Nourishly or Recovery Record
  • Guided meditations
  • Flexible personalised nutrition guidelines
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Personalised worksheets
  • Weekly self reflection emails
  • Weekly resource links


The cost for Food Freedom Therapy is £75 per week.


Please note there is a minimum commitment of 12 weekly sessions; the average treatment length being 16 weekly sessions before moving onto monthly sessions, but you are the leader of this journey so we go at a pace that works for you, healing is not a race. 


If this is outside of your budget we can include aspects of FFT in individual Dietetic Consultations.



Please contact me for me information or to arrange your complimentary introductory call. 


*Please note, if you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder it is highly recommended you have a multi - disciplinary team to support your recovery. This generally includes your dietitian, general practitioner and community psychiatric nurse and psychiatrist.