I started in the health industry in 2007 and have grown a business that is profitable, enjoyable and makes a difference; I enjoy supporting people to thrive personally and professional and am motivated to help develop dietitians, nutritionists, personal trainers and those interested in wellbeing and health to increase both their knowledge base and confidence in themselves and their work. 


As a mentor, I am sounding board for a client to help develop their professional skills and support them on a personal level to have belief in themselves and conviction in their choices. .


Sessions are individualised depending on a client's experience, qualification and business goals and specialist guidance will be provided, but may include business counselling, nutrition and human behaviour education, motivational interviewing techniques, practical business support [e.g setting up payment/marketing] and personal development.


An initial consultation is 75-90 minutes long, all other sessions are 50 minutes and include written feedback and actions.


  • £95 initial consultation 
  • £75 follow up consultation
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