The creation of this recipe book was inspired by working with athletes in the British Army who only have access to a microwave in their barracks to cook meals. 


In order to meet their nutrition needs, without relying on pre-made ready meals it was important to formulate recipes that contained adeqaute protein and nutrients that could safely be cooking in a microwave oven. 


This is book is suitable for anyone who wants quick, easy and nutritious meals that don't take long to prepare or cook.


This E-book is composed of;


  • Microwave oven healthy and safety 
  • Instructions how to cook starches, meat, fish and poultry, vegetables and pulses using a microwave oven.
  • 20 recipes - including Pasta Bolognese, Buddha Bowls, Black Bean or Beef Enchiladas, Salmon and Pesto Pasta, Thai Green Curry, Mexcan One Pot and All Day Breakfast.  


Each recipe in this book contains approximately 400 calories with 20g protein; with easy "add in" options to increase energy content of meals. All recipes provide one serving so if cooking for two, simply double up the recipe. There are ingredient swaps provided to make a meat containing meal suitable for vegetarians and visa versa. 



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