Sometimes people learn better in groups; seminars or workshops are great ways to get collegues, friends or teachers together to not only learn more about a health subject but also as a team building exercise. 


Workshops can be catered to suit specific requirements and learning needs, but I like to keep learning interactive to ensure everyone benefits. Each workshop is on average 90 minutes followed by a 15- 30 minute Q&A and includes written information and E-books. 


Common workshops include subjects such as;


  • Healthy eating basics 
  • Improving mood and managing stress through nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Micro meals, cooking with wholesome food with a only a microwave (practical)
  • Evidence based weight loss guidance 
  • Introduction to intuative eating 


Companies I present to include


  • British Army
  • Colgate
  • Lift The Bar
  • Surrey Storm Netball
  • Activ Surrey
  • Mac-Nutrition University
  • Wife Conferences
  • Talented Athlete Support Services


Please get in touch to discuss a workshop package that will best suit the needs of your group or business. Workshops start from £400.