I created The Fit Club after meeting hundreds of people that have spent their entire lives hating their bodies and realising that I have the power to change this. 

As a clinical and performance trained dietitian, CBT therapist and voted UK's top personal trainer with over a decade of supporting clients to lose weight, rebuild their self esteem and develop a positive relationship with both their bodies and food; I have created this step by step journal to support as many of you as possible to fall in love with yourself and with life again. 


The journal is split in 10 segments, each lasting one week, with activties to fill in as you go to support appliation of new knowledge. At the end of each week you will be asked to reflect on how your week went.


Each week I teach you something new and offer you three small goals; one nutrition focused, one physical activity focused and one self care focused. 


The journal includes training plans, which can be personalised to your own fitness levels so is perfect if you are new to exercise or an experienced gym goer. I have also made these training plans so they can be performed either at home or in the gym, whatever you prefer.


It also includes recipes and flexible meal plans for you to try until you are confident enought to eat more intuitively to your needs. 


We discuss everything from the stages of change, weight gain, the healthy living food pyramid, emotional eating, meal planning, developing resilience, improving body image, finding purpose, metabolism, mood, digestive health, goal setting and so much more.