As it is not always possible to come into my clinic I offer a virtual clinic in the areas of dysfunctinal eating, compassionate weight management and dietetic interventions for health via video or phone call, whichever you prefer.


After performing an initial assessment, we will arrange a 45-55 minute coaching call every week which includes education on nutrition and behaviour change, as well as combining a nutritional counselling and cognitive behavioural approach to challenge engrained beliefs and change negative health habits. We will set weekly goals to review the following the week and you will also be given homework to complete with written nutrition guidance if deemed helpful. 


Initial consultation and assesment (mandatory): £75

4 weekly cost: £300


  • Initial assessment
  • Weekly 45-55 minute video or voice call 
  • Nutrition guidance and plans 
  • Goal setting and worksheets 
  • Full session write ups
  • Health and nutrition basics E-book 
  • Up to 30 minutes whats ap communication per week 
  • Discounted blood and metabolic testing 


Please note there is a minium 12 week committment. 




*Please note, if you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder it is highly recommended you have a multi - disciplinary team to support your recovery. This generally includes your dietitian, general practitioner and community psychiatric nurse, but if you have suffered previous trauma, engaging with a psychologist may also be of benefit to you. 


As a dietitian and CBT therapist I can provide a froward thinking nutrition therapy that focuses on challenging and changing unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors around nutrition and body image, improving emotional regulation, and support the development of personal coping strategies that target solving current problems; however I am not a psychologist and therefore it is outside of my remit to delve into previous trauma.

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