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A letter to you ... my non "health inspired" friend

This blog has been in the pipeline for a little while….and I am writing it on behalf of my clients and anyone else that gets grief from loved ones for pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

I must add, having been in the industry for over 10 years and a passionate athlete for 10 years prior to that; I am incredibly appreciative that my circle of family and friends “get it”; they now understand that fitness is part of me and support me wholeheartedly. So today this blog is not from me (that does not go to say however that in past I haven’t been victim to a few of these attitudes and circumstances.)

Here goes….

To the friend that calls me a “health freak” for choosing to base my diet around natural, whole foods …

This food gives me energy, it makes my skin clear and my hair shiny, it helps me concentrate and most importantly it makes me feel good.

To the brother that belittles me when I occasionally order a dessert after a meal …

Eating one dessert will not make me unhealthy, just like eating one salad won’t make you healthy. I like cake just as much as everyone else, I just feel better when I have it a couple of times a month instead of every day.

To the colleague that tells me I am boring for heading to the gym after work instead of the pub …

Going to the gym is way more than simply achieving a great physique. It is my “me” time, my stress release, my safe place. The lessons I learn in the gym I can take over to daily life. Pushing past comfort zones when I am lifting weights allows me to be fearless and push boundaries in my professional and personal life.

To the friend that tells me I am boring for not drinking tequila shots every weekend ….

I love to have a dance on a Saturday night just as much as you, but alcohol makes me feel low. It gives me a headache, makes me tired and affects my training for the entire week. I’ll enjoy an occasional drink but I can be just as much fun sober.

To the sister that calls my meal prep and daily visits to the gym “obsessive” …

I am not obsessive, I am consistent. I consistently eat foods that benefit my health and I consistently train to improve my fitness. I can take a week off every now and then but I choose to regularly train hard and eat well because it makes me feel good.

To the partner that hated me training in the free weights area …

I don’t go to the gym to get attention from the opposite gender. I go to the gym to get fitter, to get stronger, to get faster, to improve my self-confidence and to have fun.

To the sports team that think me performing straight leg deadlifts whilst you’re in the gym is a flirtation tactic …

Don’t flatter yourself, they are part of my structured training programme to improve hamstring strength (and quite likely the reason why my squat is bigger than yours.)

To the father that questions why I am more concerned about the size of my deadlift than the size of my bank balance …

Money won’t make me happy. Having goals, inspiring others and having confidence in myself will make me happy, and what could give me more confidence than doing something, for example lifting a weight, that once seem impossible?

To the best friend that tells me my muscles are ugly ….

We don’t compare, when we feel good about ourselves. When we feel good we also look for the good in others. I know you struggle with your body image and that is why you are critical of my body. I want to help you, so come and join me a gym session, let me show you how good exercise can make you feel.

So dear family, friends and associates … I hope this letter can help you understand why I take pride in fuelling my body with nutritious food and prioritise training hard at the gym; join me, support me, or get out of my way.

Yours sincerely

Healthy, happy gym goer x