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If you're having "one of those days' mumma

My son is the absolute love of my life, but it's not all rainbows and unicorns. I don't think motherhood ever is.

We all have those days when we hide in the loo for 5 minutes peace, or feel a pang of guilt as we leave the school gates because we shouted that morning (seriously though, I will never understand why it takes 30 minutes to put shoes on ... ), or we overhear them tell their friends that 'mum can only go on a trampoline for 20 mins or she might pee', or when they refuse to wear anything but their old trackies, or when you're in a rush and they pretend to be sloth.

Motherhood is relentless, worrying, emotionally draining ... but it's also so fricking beautiful!

So when you have those days, take a deep breath and realise...

You were given this child.

You were given this child because you are who they need.

You have the heart to love them even on their difficult days.

You have the selfless soul to put their needs before yours.

You have the strength to put them first, even when you're fighting your own demons.

And you have the courage to wake up again every morning and do it all over again enthusiastically (even when you're exhausted).

You have the power to heal their wounds with a kiss.

You have the arms they crave to be wrapped around them when they are sad and the smile that makes everything ok.

You are theirs and they are yours.

So, on the days that seem never ending and you are questioning yourself ... remember this ...


You've got this. You are enough.

Live life fully,

Rachel x