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Control the controllables

The weather. What other people think. What other people do. The past. Getting old. Cats. What other people feel. Pleasing everyone. Our height. Traffic. What other people say. Pain. The cost of food. What other people think of us. Ageing. Heartbreak. These are things we can’t control, yet spend so much time stressing ourselves over them, so much worry, so much frustration over things that we simply cannot change nor will ever be able to. We can train our minds just like we can train our bodies, if we can learn to acknowledge and accept these things we can’t change and instead move our focus to things we do have control over ... we can find more peace, more positivity and more freedom. We can control how many times we smile today, how honest we are, how often we say thank you, what we eat, how nice we are to ourselves and others, when we use our money for luxuries, whether we listen when others speak, how often we think about our past, whether we learn from our past, how clean we keep our homes, what books we read, how well we communicate, how many risks we take, how much alcohol we drink, how much time we spend worrying, how much exercise we take, how often we call our parents, how often we notice small acts of kindness, how often we perform small acts of kindness, how often we admit our mistakes, how quickly we try again after we fail, whether we judge others, how many times we say “I love you”.

Control the controllables ... don’t worry about the rest .

Live life fully.

Rachel x

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