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Sourdough bread

Pre-warning; this bread takes a week to make so is not one to make if you fancy some fresh bread to have with tea in the morning.

There are quicker ways to make a sourdough style bread which use yeast to make the bread rise, but this is a traditional recipe which means the dough undergoes fermentation by a bacterial culture. During this fermentation process glutens and fructans in the flour are broken down, which is why some people that cannot tolerate super market breads can enjoy sourdough as the gluten content is lower.

This recipe does offer quite a tangy taste so I used both rye and wholegrain wheat to balance it out with something a bit nuttier.



  • 350g rye flour

  • 350g strong wholegrain flour


  • 500g strong wholegrain flour

  • 1tsp salt

  • 1tbsp. Manuka honey

  • 300g starter


1. Mix 50g rye with 50g wholegrain flour and 125ml warm water in a large jar. Whisk well and leave the top off for hour before sealing and leaving for 25 hours.

2. Everyday for the next six days, "feed" the starter but tipping away half of the original starter and adding 50g of each wholegrain and rye flour and 125ml slightly warm water. Whisk well, the starter may start to smell slightly acidic.

3. By day 6 or 7 the starter should start to smell a little sweeter.

4. Add the starter to a clean bowl and mix well with the strong wholegrain flour, salt and honey. When combine knead for 10 minutes on a flour surface and place in an oiled bowl and cover in clingfilm for three hours.

5. After three hours knead gently into the shape of the loaf, and cover in a tea towel, add a cross to the top and leave to double in size for 6-8 hours.

6. Pre heat over to 210oc and place a small tray of water at the bottom, the steam from this will give the roll a crusty top. Place the loaf in the centre of the over for 30-40 minutes until the bottom sounds hollow when knocked.

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