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Defining our moral values

I have started my CPD work in Advanced CBT and we have to do a hell of a lot of inner work. We have to know ourselves inside and out and round the corners in order to be able to support others fully.

One area of work was defining our morals.

Defining exactly what matters most to us in this world.

I remember doing this nine years ago when I was in Dietetic training too, as nutritional counselling is large part of being a dietitian.

My morals then were success, reputation, hard work, family and achievement; they really mattered to me then.

After experiencing true love and true loss, after experiencing this life for another few years I realised that my moral values have changed along my journey.



Meaningful work.


Inner harmony.

Those, I have realised are how I want to live my life.

Defining our morals are so important for us to ensure we are living in alignment with our heart, rather than our ego.

When making a decision I can ask myself, is this supporting my family? Am I being kind? Does my work make a difference? Is this leading to my growth? Is this going to work towards creating inner harmony?

It also allows us to set boundaries, I can ask myself, is tolerating this behaviour having a negative impact on my inner harmony? Is accepting this piece of work taking me away from doing truly meaningful work? Is spending time with this person going to affect my growth?

Take time to define your values, are you living in alignment with them?

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