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Happiness is here. Right now.

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Client: “why are you always so happy?” my beautiful client asked today. A long term client & friend asked a similar thing yesterday. I’m not going to pretend that every aspect of my life is always unicorns & rainbows, I am NOT happy all the time, but I am really really content. it hasn’t always been that way. When I felt discontent previously I would throw myself into work & busyness, that gave me purpose & esteem. Some people when feeling discontent with life, will turn to over eating, over spending, over training, over drinking ... always striving for more, more friends, more admiration, more lovers, just more. But then, four years ago someone I loved was diagnosed with a terminal illness; watching someone you adore battle with life, changes you irreversibly. I learnt to be grateful for this moment, for these people, for this place, for this health, for this work, for this soul and for this life. I learnt to let my inner child out and see the magic in everything. I began to be exited about morning coffee, and plane journeys and sunny days and rainy days and ice cream and Sunday snuggles and good books and walks to school. I stopped thinking I need to do my PhD right now, I need to start that project today. I learnt to say no to work when I was fully booked, I learnt to stop looking too far into the future. I stopped criticising myself. I stopped criticising others. It takes time to move away from the lessons that society tries to teach us - that happiness is just around the next corner if we work a bit harder or go partying more or get a new partner ... and change our attitude into acceptance and appreciation - that we can be content just as we are, because we have enough and we are enough. Take a moment and be grateful. Every single day. Catch yourself when you’re being overly negative. Find little things that offer simple joys. Make a list of all the things you are proud of. Don’t fear a Friday night alone. I can’t promise everlasting happiness, but you might just feel a little more content ...Because generally everything we are looking for, we already have within us, if only we stand still long enough to notice it

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