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Is calorie tracking important?

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You know all those times we tried to guess the amount of calories in the spoonfuls of cake mixture we ate whilst making those cup cakes we never planned on eating ... . What a colossal waste of our lives. . Seriously. Calorie counting and macro counting is more popular than ever and the ease of downloading an app to track intake makes it so easy for us to see a close estimate of the amount of energy in our food and it acts a really good educational tool. However despite 11.7 million users of my fitness pal tracking their intake ... obesity rates and diabetes rates are increasing and along with that the increased diagnosis of EDNOS - eating disorders not otherwise specified, along side binge eating disorder and bulimia nervosa. Yes tracking calorie intake may work temporarily for some people, however as a nation we are getting more and more unhealthy. Simply giving people the knowledge that they need to be in a calorie deficit to lose body fat will not mean they can apply that knowledge nor will it deal with any associated emotional factors. Yes weight loss may be physiologically simple - calories in must be less than calories out, but guess what’s not simple.... PEOPLE.

And guess what’s too short to stress about the exact amount of calories in a spoonful of cake batter every now and then... LIFE. It is healthy to be conscious about our nutrition and care about how we look, and tracking our calorie intake can be used as a tool to educate about nutrients and energy in food; but I hear so many stories from people who’s lives are so dictated by food quantity and body weight that they have lost themselves.

If you are struggling with workout out how to improve your relationship with food and your body please contact a registered dietitian, nutritionist or health psychologist.

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