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Stop rushing, start resting

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"And once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed at how much more life she has time for.” In our modern world everything is a rush, in our chaos we forget the beauty of the world. We try to cram as much into every minute of the day as possible. If we aren’t busy, we feel lazy, unproductive. It sometimes feels like a competition, one I used to participate in too, who has the busiest schedules? Who is working the longest hours? They win, surely? But maybe we are in the wrong race? Society has conditioned us to believe the busier the better, but if we are just rushing from one thing to the next, we are never present, we don’t win anything other than stress and hurry. We become unaware, unappreciative and ungrateful for all the precious little moments. If we want to stop feeling rushed off our feet or continuously tired or stressed we have to change our mindset. That busy does not equal success. That doing more things doesn’t make us better people. But you can’t change because you have too much to do? Work is too busy?

Wrong. It’s so important we take responsibility of our lives. We may need to make changes in how we work or learn to say no sometimes, because we can’t be everything to everyone without losing ourselves. . . We may need to shorten our list of tasks and put some off for tomorrow. We may need to work out where we waste time? Do we need to watch so much tv or spend so much time on social media? Would we rather be connecting with friends and family in real life?. We may need to get up a bit earlier so we aren’t rushing for meetings or appointments. We may need to practice sitting, doing nothing and feeling comfortable with it. We are so used to grabbing our phones in a queue, waiting room ... or even on the loo, we need to take time for us to just sit and be present with our surroundings, our souls will thank us for it. We may need to learn to be present, to be mindful, to not stress so much about the future. When we eat, appreciate food. When we are in someone’s presence, be fully with them. This life is far too beautiful to rush through it without stopping to look around every once in a while

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