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You are worthy. Period.

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In both my professional and personal life I am surrounded by the most beautiful women; not just in the way they look but in who they are; yet so frequently they struggle to appreciate their own beauty. I am not saying this is just a female problem either, men struggle with self love and self worth too. This is a societal wound. Maybe we lack a sense of worth because we are carrying past baggage when we were unpopular at school? Maybe because all we see are the time we are rejected? Maybe because we are scared of seeming arrogant if we like ourselves? Maybe someone we once cared for criticised us? Maybe we haven’t really discovered who we are yet? Maybe we have been told we are too much, too sensitive, to independent, to deep and that has shrunk us? Maybe we can’t ever see how we will fit into society’s idea of beauty? In short, most of us normally need to find a reason to feel worthy ... once I lose weight I’ll be worthy, once I get this qualification I’ll be worthy ... rather than to acknowledge we are worthy just as we are. When we don’t feel beautiful we compare, we criticise, we self sabotage, we shrink our self love and our capacity to give and receive it shrinks alongside it. We struggle to be present. We feel depressed, over eat, over shop, over think, nobody wins. If we ourselves don’t struggle with self worth, we will know someone that does. We are all responsible to heal this. Recognise and verbalise the beauty you see in others. Stop comparing and start collaborating. Explore self love - meditate, journal, walk in nature, see a trainer, see a therapist, connect, say no, go on an adventure. We are all so very worthy of love. Don’t ever forget that 💞

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