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Coffee is not breakfast

A gentle reminder, coffee is not breakfast.

A common behaviour I see in individuals experiencing disordered eating is altering their energy distribution, so they "bank calories" "back load / evening load calories" pushing the majority of nourishment to the end of the day and using coffee to suppress appetite, this behaviour is often maintained by the fear of feeling hunger later in the day and the belief that they cannot eat over a self imposed calorie limit.

If coffee instead of food for breakfast has become habitual for you perhaps consider ...

- Self enquiry: What is the belief you have around not eating food in the morning. "I don''t/shouldn't eat in the morning because ...." (Dig deep). Where is this belief from? Is it true? What is the evidence before and against this? How does having this belief make you feel/behave? What is a more helpful belief?

- Read around the impact of fasting and fasted training on hormonal health (especially if you are a pre menopausal female)

- Are you not eating in the morning because you are not hungry? Are you actually not hungry, or are you disconnected from your body's signals? When we ignore hunger we can struggle to tune into our bodies signals / "wisdom".

- As a behavioural challenge set yourself a goal of having something to eat, it doesn't matter what, within an hour of waking. This will be anxiety producing, so note down how anxious you feel on a scale of 1-10 before you eat and after you eat each time, if you continue with this you will see anxiety reducing over time and eating earlier will become habitual.

- Set goals and rewards (positive reinforcement) e.g. "If I move my first eating episode an hour earlier this week I will reward myself with a new journal/book/nail varnish/ sense of pride"

- Self inquiry: What are the pros of starting to introduce food at breakfast? Saying yes to brunch invites, increased concentration, reduced anxiety (a hungry brain is an anxious brain) ...

You deserve to regularly nourish yourself, not just wait until the evening.

You deserve to honour your appetite not suppress it.

You deserve to feel energised not just stimulated.

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