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Eating during times of struggle

Self soothing via sensory stimulation is so important to bring calm to a stressed nervous system. Eating is sensory stimulation. If you feel the need to eat more right now, your body is helping protect you.

Here are some other gentle self soothing practices that bring you back to the present moment, that you may like to try when feeling overwhelmed + choose not use food to self soothe.

- Create a phone albums of happy memories or beautiful images to look at

- Light your favourite candle

- Put on some really snuggly and soft clothes

- Listen to nature sounds or your favourite music

- Stretch

- Go to the beach and watch the waves

- Put a couple of drops scented oil on your wrist or in a diffuser

- Moisturise you hands (and your feet, and your body if you feel safe to do so)

- Suck a sweet or chew some gum

- Stroke your pet

- Hug someone, or yourself, or a cuddly toy

- Squeeze a stress ball

- Give yourself a massage

- Make a soothing drink

- Dance

- Listen to your favourite song

- Buy yourself some flowers and put them in your favourite place

- Lie under a weighted blanket

-Place you hand on your heart and try to feel it beating