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I am loved and I am love

A couple of months ago Finnley and I were taking Beatrice the beagle for a walk. I mentioned that when I come back I have a little work to do before dinner.

He misheard [a not unfamiliar occurrence, he seems to be suffering from selective hearing a lot lately] and said "You are going to make a come back?"

I continued with his version of conversation because it sounded more fun than mine.

"Yes Finnley, I am going to make a come back as a powerlifter + break some more records because I am clearly so powerful right now."

"You're not powerful" he said

"Okay, I'll be fast then" I said

"You're not fast" he said

"Fine, I'm tough" I said

"You're not tough" he said

"Fine fine, I'm cool" I said

"You are definitely not cool" he laughed

"Well then...what would you say I am?" I asked him

He thought about it for a minute or so.

"Well, I love you, so you are loved; and you love me, so you are love." He replied.

I am loved and I am love.

That feels good.

That fits.

That feels like my truth.

And now,

whenever I feel a little lost,

I think of that moment and remember exactly who I am,

I am loved and I am love.