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If your body had a voice what would it say?

If your body had a voice what would it say?

We spend so much time living in our heads that sometimes we forget to tune in with our bodies to see how they are doing and what they need, or perhaps they don’t feel like a safe place to live; and sometimes we let the beliefs of our minds rule over the wisdom of our bodies.

I recommend trying to connect with your body every day, this could be done in different ways

- perhaps setting a remind to simply tune in with your body, can you verbalise how it feels?

- do a body scan and notice where you feel tension or pressure or energy.

- write a letter from your body to yourself.

- notice how your body feels after certain foods.

- create awareness around body sensations on certain situations and learn what messages they are telling Eg knots in your stomach may mean feeling nervous, tight shoulders may mean feeling overwhelmed, a racing heart may mean excited.

Once you learn to connect with your body you can better meet its needs.

It's hungry? Feed it

It's tired? Rest it

It's tense? Relax it

It's energised? Move it

We can't give ourselves what we need if we don't know what that is.