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Let's heal the generation curse of believing that what we achieve is who we are.

Let's heal the generation curse of believing that what we achieve is who we are.

There is stardust in our veins,

and an entire universe within us,

let’s vow not reduce ourselves down to what we tick off our achievement list,

let’s teach our children that they are so much more than that too.

Dreams and goals are wonderful, they bring fire to your belly, but if you pin your self worth and identity on them it can be damaging.

If you find yourself moving from one achievement to the next and feeling a lack of purpose if you don’t have something to aim for, perhaps try;

- Get vulnerable with yourself, self inquire and reflect about how you feel about achievements, do you experience happiness, pride and wellbeing; or do they just provide a sense of temporary relief before moving onto the next task? Does life feel a little flat and purposeless unless you are striving to achieve?

- Note down a list of the 10 most important things in your life, do your current circumstances reflect this?

- Ask achieving the goals actually what you want? Or do you want what comes with it - validation? Approval?

- Make a list of all the things you love about yourself that has nothing to do with achievement.

- Practise self love, if you have a pet or a bay, you probably just love it, it doesn’t have to do anything or achieve anything you just really love it. Try to teach yourself to love yourself that way using affirmations, meditations and neutral / positive self talk.

- Schedule in time for connection and play, this my feel uncomfortable at first. Keep going, you don’t know how wonderful connection and play feel unless you actively participate in them.

- Gently learn to sit with the discomfort that comes up when you allow yourself to not be achieving. Use safety behaviours such as breathwork and engaging the senses as you recognise, accept and investigate those emotions in safe places.

You are safe here.