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Life first, body second

how about instead of fitting your life around your body,

you choose your life

and live it wholeheartedly

and whatever body comes with it,

is the body that comes.

If your body, or your thoughts about your body have been controlling your life for a while now,

and it’s not working out for you,

why not,

just for a month,

or six months

or a year,

you choose living your life first,

your joy first,

your fun first,

your connection first,

your spirituality first,

your brunch munching,

sunset watching,

wild dancing,

sunday lie in-ing,

coffee (with milk) drinking,

cold sea swimming*

moon gazing,

interest learning,

friendship loving,

novel reading,

down dogging,

zoom meeting-ing

cake baking,

s’mores making,

mountain climbing

life first

and your body second.

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