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Moving away from body hatred ...

We cannot move directly from body hate to body love, nor from body distress to body positivity.

it doesn't work like that.

so please be gentle with yourself if you are struggling.

the subconscious mind will reject anything that it doesn't believe to be true.

so the affirmations we tell our selves have to be believable.

otherwise it would be like telling ourselves that the sky is green.

we are never going to believe it.

You may want to try these to support your journey to reconnect with your body

- restructure your affirmations.

for example if you can't believe "my body is beautiful", perhaps start with "i can rely on my body to get me from place to place".

if you can't believe "my body is strong", start with "my body helps me to carry my nan's shopping in each week".

if we can't believe "my body deserves love" start with "my body feels better when I don't overtrain"

- try to reconnect to your body by dancing to one song a day if it feels safe for you to be in your body.

- be curious around how your relationship to your body changes when your mood changes. try keeping a mood diary - either note one emotion or rate mood on a scale of 1-10 and also note a sentence of how you feel about your body in that moment. reflect back on it to create awareness around the relationship between the two.

- have two - three outfits that you know make you feel okay in your body

- note one thing you are grateful for your body for each daily

- try to restructure negative thoughts to more neutral thoughts about your body. for example change "my body is disgusting" to "i am feeling uncomfortable in my body right now."

- build up other areas of your life, socially + spiritually, finding new hobbies + slowly learning that you are so much more than your body.

remember, before body love, we have to invoke body tolerance.

and then perhaps we can move onto accepting our body.

and then we may even be able to feel neutral towards them.

perhaps stepping into body gratitude after that.

then maybe we may start to like it.

but maybe we won't,

maybe we will accept it for many many years.

but that is better that hating it.

it is all journey, not a race.