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Spirit fillers vs time fillers ...

Being in / near the ocean is such a huge spirit filler for me.

It nourishes me from the inside out.

I speak a lot about spirit fillers with my clients,

when your spirit is no longer hungry,

you are less likely to reach for food to try + fill an emptiness.

we discuss spirit fillers vs time fillers.

A spirit filler is something we do that nourishes us, lights us up a little, even on the darkest of days.

A time filler is something we do to pass the time, without necessarily being present in it.

What I tend to see happening is that when someone's mood is low their default is to time fill.

more "productivity", less purpose

more numbing, less feeling

more doing, less being.

more filling time, less filling the spirit.

so perhaps take a look at how you are spending your time

+ i don't mean the big chunks of time when you are working or sleeping etc,

i mean the odd 10 minutes or half hour you have in between those things,

are you filling your time?

or are you filling your spirit?

and it is not always clear cut.

especially with technology,

as things like Netflix or social media

can sometimes fill your spirit, where as other times they may be time fillers.

if you find yourself time filling a lot, perhaps try ;

- writing out a list of all the things that you can think of that fill your spirit, bring you joy, bring your mood up to neutral, or help you feel more grounded

- if you struggle to think of things, that's not uncommon, try to think what you enjoyed as a child.

- separate them into things that will nourish you in 10 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes or more and keep that list on your phone or in a place that you can access quickly.

- now note down the things that you use to fill time / procrastinate to become aware of when you are doing this + to exchange it for a spirit filler. e.g. instead of flicking through SM for 10 mins, grab your book

- try to plan in one a day, just like you might plan meals.

My favourites: playing with the beagle, running, reading fiction, drinking fresh coffee, connecting, walking in nature, vegetable growing, watching crime drama, playing chess, meditating, painting

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