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Tips for bad body image days

Tips for bad body image days

1. Remember your feelings are not facts. A bad body image day is not a sign your body is bad, rather that just like we have days we feel energised or tired, there are also days we will feel more negative towards our bodies.

2. Wear clothes that are comfy. If you’re feeling particularly uncomfortable with your stomach, don’t wear trousers that dig in when you sit down.

3. Shift your focus, stop focusing on your body. Take a walk. Count backwards from 100. Watch a Netflix episode. Call a friend. Paint a picture. Clean your cupboards. Get that essay done.

4. Only speak in facts about yourself. You are not fat, you have fat. So does everyone. You are not disgusting, that’s an opinion. Be factual. You are a human that has a body that is a size and has a shape.

5. Don’t put focus on your body by trying to love it. Accept that you’re feeling uncomfortable in your body today, accept that’s that okay and shift the focus. You can explore the triggers when you’re feeling more neutral towards it if you want to.

6. Remember you are a whole person and your physical appearance is not an indicate of your inherent worth. It’s okay to feel badly about your body sometimes, you’re human, but try to avoid it impacting your behaviours or feelings.

7. Don’t let bad body image days change the way you eat. Undernourishing may trigger compulsive eating, and compulsive eating might trigger your future self to feel regretful. Stick with your normalised eating pattern.

8. Body image fluctuates, feeling bad may last a couple of hours or days, but it will become more neutral. Ride the wave with your self care surfboard.

9. Are you actually having a bad body image day? Or is part of your mind having a bad body image day? You are not your thoughts, you are the observer of your thoughts, so you are more than the part of you that is having a bad body image day. (Ponder this one).

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