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"Twas the first day back at school ...

‘Twas the first day back at school,

when all through the house

not a creature was stirring,

not even a mouse,

the lunchboxes were packed full of delicious food with care,

in hopes that hungry tummies will be pleased what’s in there.

The children were nestled all safe in their classes

whilst caregivers are hoping they remembered their books, masks and glasses.

And as we sit in the silence of our child free homes,

no sounds of laughter and no sounds of moans,

we drink our fresh coffee without being disturbed,

we can take time to reflect on what has occurred.

Months of juggling home schooling and work in lockdown,

the moments of panic and tears when no ones around,

taking a moment to recall the precious times we got to spend,

what an honour it has been to be their parent, teacher and friend.

These are the days we will remember as we grow older,

as the days got shorter and the nights grew colder,

staying safe by staying home together,

we found ways to bring joy whatever the weather.

The house feels so quiet, although we are feeling relieved,

We are stronger and wiser than we could of ever have believed.

Oh it feels quite lonely without the frequent shouts of “mum”,

We are so so proud of who our children have become,

Their courage, their resilience, their inspiring attitude,

Has filled us with hope, love and much gratitude.

Oh hang on, is that a key in the door I hear,

School’s out for today,

wow what a year.

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