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We need to stop glorifying overworking

We need to stop glorifying overworking and start embracing adequate sleep, regular exercise, time in nature, spiritual exploration, genuine connection, joyful play + restful solitude.

We need to stop wearing burnout like a badge of honour.

Overworking, like many things, is not just a personal issue,

but a systemic problem.

We are taught to believe in order to be successful we have to be constantly working,

we learn early on that making sacrifices is admirable,

we absorb that being busy makes us important, needed, valued.

Sometimes I fall back into the trap too,

then I quickly catch myself,

I realise that if my son sees me constantly working,

or notices that i am constantly tired,

he may see it as normal + do it too.

and I don't want him to think his productively is tied to his self worth.

so I try to model and share how i take care of myself,

in the hope he absorbs that too.

I adore my career,

and I am more than my career.

For those of you that find yourself stuck in the overworking cycle perhaps try;

- Identify what is truly important to you and set your work goals around your life priorities. Schedule in times with family, friends or hobbies as equally as important as work meetings or projects.

- Try to avoid comparisons, we are all on different paths going different speeds, that is what makes life fun.

- Adjust your expectations, you might not make prime minister / have seven figures in your bank account / get a blue tick etc ... BUT if you have a life you love hopefully that is enough.

- Sit with the anxiety that comes up when you don’t overwork. Breathe into it.

- Set professional boundaries with working hours, these can be rigid or flexible. [personally I had to go cold turkey with no working at weekends to begin].

- Have a multi purpose calendar that has work + life activities in. Schedule in lunch breaks, movie nights + distraction free work time. [I have a couple of hours of "compassion and joy" scheduled in on Wednesday mornings!}

- Not every email + text message has to be perfect.

- Get stuck into a hobby - or if you don't have one explore a new. Google "hobbies to try".

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