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Weight loss is a possible side effect of experiencing eating disorder behaviours

Weight loss is a possible side effect of experiencing eating disorder behaviours.

most individuals experiencing eating disorder behaviours are not underweight.

if food or eating or body image is causing you distress you are deserving of help now. not only if you look a certain way.

remember that disordered eating behaviours are often coping mechanisms. a way to distract from distress and pain, a learnt, yet maladaptive way to survive. Try to release some of the shame you may feel.

Here are some actions you may want to consider;

- head over to the @beatedsupport website for information, helplines and support group details

- book in an appointment with your GP to request a refferal to eating disorder services, an ECG and full bloods.

- self refer to local eating disorder services or NHS mental health support

- look at the centre for clinical investigations for self help work books free of charge

- download recovery record and utilise self monitoring to bring awareness to eating behaviours.

- if looking for private practitioners look on the HCPC or BDA or BACP depending on need, to check registration status and arrange introductory calls with three different practitioners to see who you feel you have the best theraputic rapport with. Ask questions about their qualifications and experience working with indivdiuals experiencing similar issues, how working together works and if you feel safe, to voice any fears you have about starting working with a practitioner.

- go gently, be proud of each step, recovery is not a race