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What we often need: connection, support and rest. What we often choose: chocolate, pizza and wine

What we often need: Connection. Support. Rest.

What we often choose: Chocolate. Pizza. Wine.

And that is okay.

And also it will only provide temporary relief.

Which is also okay, if you are okay with that.

Emotional eating is normal and valid.

But when we repeatedly eat when we feel discomfort and it leads to feelings of guilt or distress, it is putting a problem on top of a problem.

I like to ask the individuals I work with to be compassionately curious. To see the emotional / chaotic / binge eating as a message that is saying "hey, something needs some attention, can we take a look".

So I recommend;

- Regularly checking in with how you feel and how your body feels []. Perhaps set a reminder on your phone three times a day.

- Bring awareness to when you are experiencing emotional eating. What are you feeling? What was going on around you before this?

- Once you have identified the feeling and how it feels in the body, try and think about what you actually need in the moment.

E.g. when my hands are feeling shaky and my stomach feelings knotted, I recognise this as feeling worried and inadequate. In this moment I need to cuddle my cat, read my affirmations and message my best friend.

- Come up with a list of three - five activities for each of the most common feelings that lead to engaging in chaotic eating.

- Remember that "eat my favourite food" can be on those lists too. This is a valid form of self soothing but the aim is that it is a conscious choice rather than automatic behaviour