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What I eat in a day ...

What I eat in a day ...

has no relevance to what you eat in a day because we have differences in:

* metabolism

* activity levels

* goals

* genetics

* quantity of breast feeding as an infant

* level of adipocyte metabolism

* hormones

* conscious control of accumulation

* stress levels

* level of domestic activity

* education

* tendency to preserve energy

* sleep quantity

* access to food

* absorptive capacity

* gastric emptying speed

* digestive signally

* food literacy

* desire to resolve tension

* face to face social interaction

* use of medication

* psychological ambivalence

* alcohol consumption

* demand for convenience

* demand for health

* force of dietary habits

* food exposure

* rate of eating

* tendency to graze

* self esteem level

* budget for food

* nutrient partitioning

* predisposition to activity

* level of fat free mass

* level of satiety

* degree of primary appetite control by brain

* likes and dislikes

... and so many more.

Sharing "what I eat in a day," videos although on the surface seem harmless, could be dangerous. Here is why;

* Visual stimuli - videos/photos are the biggest triggers for comparisons. Comparing someone else's food intake to yours may leave you feeling ashamed or guilty and lead you to make unhealthy changes to your own eating behaviours

* GENERALLY individuals posting these videos fit the thin ideal or have a "conventionally attractive body". This may perpetuate thin = better. Which we know is not true.

* There is not "a one size fits all" approach, just because these eating approaches work for one person, does not mean they are right for you.

* Watching these videos may increase preoccupation with eating, weight and size and your ability to control these, making life shrink a little.

* These videos may not even be reality, but instead created for content.

Scroll past. Block. Mute. Delete.