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When was the last time you weren't actively trying to change your body?

I am pro body autonomy.

You get to choose whether you want to change the shape or size of your body.

You get to choose if changing your body shape or size is an area of your life that you would like to dedicate time and energy too.

But, what might be beneficial if you’re struggling with food, eating behaviours or your body image, is to self inquiry “when was the last time I was not actively to trying to change my body size”.

1 year?

5 years?

A decade?

Two decades?


How much time over those years do you think you have given mentally and physically to changing your body?

How much energy have given to changing your body?

What have you sacrificed in an attempt to change your body?

After all that time and energy, after all those sacrifices, how do you feel about your body now?

How about, if you feel safe to, you try for a month, not actively trying to change your body.

I say a month as any shorter than that would still trigger high feelings of fear or discomfort and a lack of control.

There may be times you “over eat”, especially if you have been restricting total energy or certain foods, but that’s ok.

Then reflect on how you’re feeling at the end of the month.

So instead of putting energy into changing the size or shape of your body, you put that energy into hobbies and people and resting and moving in a way that feels good and learning and nourishing your body and soul with food that taste wonderful and make you feel nurtured.

Just something to think about.

You are safe here.