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You are not a bad person for wanting to pursue weight loss

you are not a bad person for wanting to pursue weight loss.

dieting, just like compulsive eating may feel protective + safe in the midst of a collective crisis.

if you compulsively eat, restrict or exercise obsessively please know that these are safety seeking mechanism, be gentle, they are a learnt way to leave yourself when life gets really hard.

knowing that these are “maladaptive” coping behaviours can shift the blame + help us to look at them with compassion + kindness. It enable us to learn healthy coping mechanism to try when life gets tough, whilst slowly feeling safe + supported enough to tolerate discomfort through distress tolerance + loving kindness practises.

Here are some of my favourite ways to practice loving kindness ...

- write down three things that you appreciate about yourself each day,

- look for the good in others, finding the good in ourselves helps us see the good in others too.

- visualise what happiness feels like for you. Remember that everyone desires happiness but what happiness means may get distorted along the way by other's views + our own experiences. Does thin really equate to happiness or is that a message you picked up along the way?

- perform a regular loving - kindness meditation (lots to choose from on youtube)

- cultivate gratitude for all the people that have supported you along your journey so far

- practise one act of generosity every day

- refrain from speaking negatively of yourself or others.

- repeat realistic + loving affirmations “I am learning to honour my needs”.

- note down the moments that you feel rested, peaceful and calm. How can you re-create these into your every day life?

- schedule in self soothing behaviours daily, these are anything that engages the senses and brings us back to the present moment and occupying our bodies - eg

- a shower - really feeling the water on your skin

- lighting a candle

- putting scented oil on your wrist

- enjoying a hot tea mindfully

- changing your sheets

- walking bare foot on the ground (careful of frost bite!)

- moisturising your body, face or hands