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You don't need to be fixed because you aren't broken

There will be so many diet and fitness plans popping up over the next few days + weeks promising a body transformation in a matter of weeks or a “new you” to go with the new year.

So I wanted to remind you that you don’t need to be a new you.

because you are wonderful, worthy and whole exactly as you are.

a little lost perhaps, much like the rest of us.

a little messy at times, but that is part of being human.

a little tempted to buy into quick fixes, but it is so easy to fall victim to the intensity of patriarchal diet culture.

but you do not need to be fixed.


there is nothing wrong with having goals around how you would like your body to look, I am a huge believer in body autonomy.

but I also know diet culture does not care about your physical, emotional, mental + spiritual health.

so how about instead of spending another January trying to transform your body through food deprivation and high intensity workouts you spend it trying to come home to yourself?

adequately and regularly nourishing your body with foods that make you feel cared for.

getting enough sleep regularly.

moving in a way that feels joyful, whatever joyful feels like for you.

breathing deeply.

spending time in nature.

doing something every day that brings you a little bit of fun.


making art.

drinking more water.

learning to feel your feelings.

trying a new hobby.

connecting with people you care about.

time to change the January pattern.

2020 has been hard enough, you deserve to start 2021 adding joy, kindness and fun to your life, not by taking all your favorite foods away.