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You will not find recovery in another meal plan

ou will not find recovery from disordered eating behaviours by buying another meal plan, trying another diet or investing in someone to set your macros.

If you are using compulsive eating as an emotional coping mechanism you cannot heal by trying to follow another meal plan.

Regardless if it is wrapped up and disguised as something else "wellness".

And you won't "fail" because of a lack of willpower, because emotional eating is not about will power.

Diets, meal plans + macro targets won't work because they do not take into account the fundamental reasons why you engage in compulsive eating. It is not your fault.

Recovery is a journey that involves creating stability and safety physically, mentally, emotionally + spiritually. This is not found in a calorie calculator.

First we need to develop awareness around what is triggering compulsive eating and we also need distress tolerance practises in place.

This means that if you are distressed, you have strategies you can implement to decrease the arousal state + then make a choice about whether you do actually want to eat.

These distress tolerances practises are indeed practises, which mean you need to practise them to get better at them.

These practises build part of your tool box alongside learning to recognise, accept + investigate emotions when it feels safe enough to do so.

There are so many options, and some will work and some won't; if they don't, it is not a failure, it just provides insight.

I generally split distress tolerance into three categories, distraction, self soothing + improving the moment.

Some that you many want to try next time you notice you are triggered and don't feel safe to sit with the feeling include;

- Cuddle your pet

- Put on some music (and dance)

- Do 10 deep belling breaths

- Drink some peppermint tea

- Visualise yourself at your favourite holiday destination

- Repeat affirmations

- Watch a funny video

- Visit nature

- Have a shower

- Put on your favourite cosy clothes

- Call a friend

- Do a crossword or play a logic game

- Paint your nails

- Do a grounding exercise

- Doodle

- Tick something off the “to-do” list