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Your body deserves care in the present moment

Your body deserves care in the present moment,

regardless of how you feel towards it.

it deserves respect and kindness and nourishing food and rest and tenderness now.

not once you have changed it's weight or shape.

not once you have reached the goal that you believe will bring you happiness and fulfilment.

your body deserves respect and care now.

Here are some ways you might want to think about offering care and respect to your body;

- Listening to your hunger signals and not allowing your body to go too long without nourishing it.

- Dressing in clothes that fit and make you feel comfortable

- Stop body checking - pinching, looking in the mirror excessively, weighing compulsively

- Diversify your social media feed to show bodies of different shapes and sizes

- Practise self care - look after your body, get adequate rest, nourish it, move it in a way that feels okay for you [sometimes the latter does take a bit of motivation].

- Don't compare your body with anyone else's, interrupt the thought and focus on something else in the present moment.

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