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Your natural weight

If you have to depend on disordered eating behaviours to maintain your weight, this probably is not your natural weight.

There can be a lot of resistance in accepting this.

AND it is really important that you are honest with yourself about the eating behaviours you perform in order to maintain the weight you feel you should be.

Your natural weight is partially determined by your genetics and will look different for every body.

Your natural weight tends to within a range of 2-4kg that your body can easily maintain without extreme dieting or excessive over eating.

So if you only maintain your current weight by obsessively calorie counting, restricting the timing of intake, skipping meals, sticking to rigid food rituals, compensating for increased food consumption by purging (inclusive of excessive exercise), restricting overall intake; then you probably are not at your natural weight.**

This can be really challenging to accept + giving up your goal weight can be really tough, there is an element of grief involved in this process.

However moving from a place of self deprivation to self care offers so much freedom,

If this resonates with you I would recommend you try the following;

- Write down a pros + cons list of continuing to repeat your current eating behaviours.

- Change your social media feed to ensure that you see body diversity as you scroll.

- Challenge engrained beliefs about what you have been taught about being in bigger or smaller bodies.

- Research internalised fat phobia

- Draw a pie chart of how you. evaluate yourself, if body image + eating behaviours take up a large part, think of how you can increase the size of the other parts - spending more time with family, taking up a new course, starting a new hobby or new book, volunteering, exploring spirituality ...

- Write a list of the disordered eating behaviours you perform, tackle the easiest first.

- start to sensitise yourself with your body’s hunger + satiety signals.

*likewise regular overeating/emotional eating w/o restriction, can lead to being over your natural weight