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Your truest self cannot be discovered if you are hungry all the time

Your truest self cannot be discovered if you are hungry or counting calories all the time.

we are primed for survival.

if you are constantly undernourishing your body

your mind will naturally be encouraging you to consume more energy and nutrients,

increasing preoccupation with food,

becoming hypervigilant on recipes, meals and what other people are eating.

so if the majority of your time, energy and effort it being direct towards surviving,

then you don't have a huge amount of energy left over to direct towards your passions, your hobbies and the people you love.

there is no shame in this.

chronic dieting can be a coping mechanism,

a distraction,

because if your energy is directed towards obtaining a smaller body,

you don't have the energy to focus on the aspects of your life,

past of present,

that cause you suffering,

that may require effort and some feeling to confront, heal or change.

disordered eating behaviours can be a problem,

that we place on top of another problem in an attempt to protect us from pain.

self inquire.

look within.

gentle, gentle, gentle.

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