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Your worth is not based on your shape or weight

when beginning to work with an individual we collaboratively create something called a formulation,

this is a tool that allows us to see what the current behaviours are that are causing distress,

e.g. engaging in binge eating, obsessively counting calories, having rigid food rules

it also allows us to look at what the maintaining mechanisms are for these behaviours.

e.g. over evaluating shape and/or weight, putting high importance on on control over eating, limiting the amount of intake, rules and beliefs about foods, being under weight, mood triggered eating .

Basing self worth or placing a high amount of personal identity on weight, shape + eating and the ability to control these is very often in the formulation.

The formulation can continue to expand by looking at where these beliefs came from e.g. history of dancing, caregiver frequently dieted, medical professional advised weight loss in developmental years, bullied as a child, partner named called.

however placing a large amount of importance in one domain of our lives can be very dangerous; a bit like placing all our eggs in one basket, and it can lead to us shrinking other areas of our lives.

perhaps you no longer value time spent with family because you would rather be training.

Or your social circle shrinks because you no longer want to go out for dinner.

Or you are unable to cope with studies or work due to side effects of the eating disorder.

Ultimately life can get reduced to controlling shape, weight + eating.

If you find yourself struggling with feeling your worth is based on your shape, weight + eating consider these;

- Take a step back + look at the bigger picture. What are you having to sacrifice to achieve or maintain your weight, shape or eating rituals? Is it worth it? Pros + cons?

- Shape, weight + eating are not under our full control. Eating is under such strong physiological control, that it may be controlled in the short term but long term requires sustained effort + huge sacrifice.

- Shape + weight are in some parts biologically controlled, this is where acceptance begins.

- Self inquire about the messages you were told about your body . Are they true?